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This website aims to provide its members registered information and the latest ads complete and accurate. However, all information, advice or any other information contained in eBook UMFT (or any other product that is developed and promoted by UMFT Victor Babes) does not represent any consulting activity or activity of mediation. Can not be held liable in any action for any damages of any kind as this caused its users to use information provided by eBook.


Intellectual property protection

UMFT eBook content and design is protected by intellectual property laws. You can not use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce content without having a written permission from the UMFT eBook.

Using of UMFT eBook content

The actions described below are not allowed without prior written permission from the UMFT eBook:

  • modify, publish, transmit, and participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content of the eBooks, without obtaining prior written permission from UMFT eBook.
  • removing symbols signifying the copyright of the author/s.

Any use of content UMFT eBook purposes other than expressly permitted is prohibited.

Suspension of access

UMFT eBook is able without any other notification or formality and without it requiring an explanation of his attitude, suspend or terminate access to content of UMFT eBook or part of this application.

Changes to application

UMFT eBook reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or remove portions of the contents at any time or change product prices without notice. The order made on site is not a default. Processing an order is subject to availability and internal policy of the company. Also UMFT eBook reserves the right to restrict user access to part or all or content.

Confidentiality agreement

The information that you provide about yourself to UMFT eBook will be used only in accordance with the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement UMFT eBook.


UMFT eBook does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness or timeliness of the information or services provided by application.

UMFT eBook, affiliates and / or generally to UMFT eBook information providers can not be held liable for any delay or error in the content provided by UMFT eBook publications resulting directly or indirectly from causes that do not depend on the will of UMFT eBook. This exemption includes but is not limited to malfunctions of UMFT eBook technical equipment or lack functioning internet connection, officials lack telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to UMFT eBook systems, operation errors, strike and so on.


UMFT eBook is entitled, without notice and without fulfillment of other formalities to change the Terms of this Agreement.
Portions of the content included in UMFT eBook may be provided by third parties with which UMFT eBook has contracts to supply content.

Any notification to UMFT eBook must be sent in writing by post or fax to the address mentioned in this document.

The law governing the agreement

The rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement and all legal effects it produces this Agreement shall be construed and governed by Romanian law in force. Any dispute which aims this agreement will be brought to for settlement in Romanian Court.